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COSIEST White Wood Round 20-inch MDF Storage Cabinet with 3 Drawers for Bedside Table

COSIEST White Wood Round 20-inch MDF Storage Cabinet with 3 Drawers for Bedside Table

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ã€Multi-functional and Multipurpose】 : You can use this round side table with drawer for multiple purposes. including a side table to hold your accessories. a chest for storage purposes. or a nightstand for sitting your side bed lamp or alarm clock. This gives you a worthwhile investment and helping you save cash. The chest of 3 drawers' flat top can be placed with more house decorations or daily essentials. providing a platform for more décor.   ã€Unique and Special Design】 : The round storage cabinet breaks the typical chest designs commonly found in the market with distinctive shape. Its general design is attractive to the eye. and so is the color scheme. The combination of white and brown gives it a simple but classy look. making it suitable for various home decorating styles since you can easily integrate it in different spaces.    ã€Handsomely Crafted】 : This 3 drawer chest is made of medium-density fiberboard. an engineered wood product made by breaking down soft/hardwood into wood fibers and recycling it. This high-quality material performs way better than actual wood. The storage chest measures 20 inches in diameter by 21.2 inches in height. which gives you options on where you can position it in your space.   ã€Accessibility and Storage】 : With has three drawers. the circle storage table offers enough space for storage items. You can group your accessories and arrange them in different drawers to make them more organized. This wood chest of drawers can also be moved easily by one person since it doesn't weigh as much. This makes it portable during cleaning routines or while changing the alignment of your furniture set or its position.   ã€Safety Measures】 : Its round curve design makes it safe in different spaces. and you can easily avoid bumping into it. thus making it free from injuries. The drawers are also neatly attached. and the opening handles are well fitted to ensure you don't struggle with opening and closing. Furthermore. the fitting is done from within. meaning no hinges or bolts are hanging outside to prevent any cuts or easy loosening up of the fixtures.

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