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Cupuacu, Murumuru, Tucuma Butter Set by Oslove Organics, Amazing Rainforest Butters 8oz each

Cupuacu, Murumuru, Tucuma Butter Set by Oslove Organics, Amazing Rainforest Butters 8oz each

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Our Cupuacu butter is a rich and creamy. emollient butter after it is melted and whipped. It comes as a hard butter but needs to be melted before use. It is known to give a pleasant touch. smoothness. and softness to the skin and hair. boosting the recovery of its natural moisture and elasticity. Highly beneficial for dry and damaged skin and hair. promoting deep. long-lasting hydration. Cupuacu is widely used in Brazil for many purposes. In the cosmetic industry. it is known to be highly beneficial for making creams. lotions. lip balms. soaps. hair products. and a variety of other personal care products. Cupuacu has a unique earthy aroma. Tucuma butter is an exotic butter that is derived from tucuma palm seeds. Tucuma butter is found naturally in Brazil and has a lot of characteristics in common with Murumuru butter. They both have a glossy hydrating feel and work incredibly well as a hair product. It is able to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to effectively nourish and condition hair that is damaged from too much processing. It revitalizes dull. frizzy. and dry hair. Tucuma is also packed with antioxidant polyphenols and contains lots of fatty acids. This makes it great as a skin barrier. protecting and moisturizing the skin nicely. It hydrates the skin thoroughly and works to keep the skin soft and supple. It can be used as a substitute for silicone found in skin and hair products. It does the same thing as artificial silicone but does not include the negative effects. Murumuru butter is the white to yellowish fat obtained from the seeds of the murumuru palm. Murumuru butter contains lauric. myristic. and oleic acids. The fruit contains white butter that is odorless and tasteless and has the advantage of not becoming rancid easily.

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